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posted January 1,2016

2016 Yankee District Convention Registration and info page

April 1-3, 2016 in Newport hosted by RIRS



Article about John Mattia in "Orange Life"


John Mattia with his Blake Hedrick Award and outgoing president Jolene Adams.

Congratulations John!

 American Rose Society Convention


 September 10-13, Syracuse, NY 

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2016 Yankee District Convention

April 1-3 , 2016

Hosted by the Rhode Island Rose Society in Newport, RI at the Mainstay Inn

The Rose Window, Summer 2015 Yankee District Rose Window, edited Andy Vanable
The Rose Window-July2015.pdf (7,788,234 KB)

2015 Yankee District Convention

was held

March 20-22, 2015

Ocean Edge Resort in Cape Cod

CLICK HERE for schedule, speakers and registration

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Silver Medal - George Doorakian

Outstanding Judge award - Carol Ann Rogers



Upcoming Rose Shows

Rhode Island Rose Society  Wickford Community Center

Connecticut Rose Society  Elizabeth Park

New England Rose Society       Tower Hill



 Newsletter of the Yankee District
The Rose Window, our District  newsletter, is available on-line

The Rose Window-July2015.pdf (7,788,234 KB)

February 2015 Rose Window

JAN 2014 Rose Window



Congratulations to John Mattia for winning the ARS Blake Hedrick Award!

Introduction This award is established in memory of Guy Blake Hedrick, Jr. to recognize outstanding rose exhibitors who display the highest levels of excellence, integrity, and respect for the ideals of showing roses typified by Mr. Hedrick during his long career as a rosarian. It is intended as a life-long achievement award for an exhibitor who has been a successful National, District, and local exhibitor, and also a model in sharing his/her knowledge in growing championship roses. Acts Worthy of Recognition The following examples may be used as general guidance to identify those activities that are deemed worthy of nomination for consideration: • Sustained success in showing roses at the National, District and local levels for a decade or longer by an individual or team who has consistently exhibited rose show entries of the highest caliber with integrity and spirit for the ideals of the American Rose Society; • Sustained lifetime achievement by an individual in devoting and focusing his or her educational talents and expertise to promoting the art of exhibition of the rose through consistent and reliable contributions to educating the public about exhibiting roses; and/or • Significant and sustained acts of achievement by an individual in organizing and overseeing the conduct of successful rose shows at the National, District and local levels.

2012 Yankee District Roses in Review

Yankee District Convention 2013 -photos etc





1.   Must be an ARS regular or joint member 36 months before the application.

2.  Must have personally grown garden roses or been involved in their culture for 5  years.

 3.  Must know the characteristics of at least 100 varieties across a range of classes.

 4.  Must know and follow show rules and be aware of ARS judging standards.

5.  Must be detail oriented.

 6.  Must be able to make and backup decisions.

 7.  Must be of high integrity and put aside personal preferences.

 8.  Must be diplomatic and constructive.

 9.  Must have won 2 ARS certificates and 5 blue ribbons for at least 3 years in at least 5

      rose shows.

 10. Must have clerked in at least 3 rose shows.

 11. Must complete a judging school and pass the written and practical tests. 



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Yankee District Show 2012

  1: 5HTs no entry   J. Horace McFarland Memorial Trophy
  2: 7 minis no entry   Ralph S. Moore District Award
  3: 3 AARS HTs no entry   AARS Perpetual Challenge Trophy
  4 : 3 shrubs Baby Blanket, Knockout, Pink Knockout 

Gregory Davis

Yankee Rosarian Trophy
  5: 5 minifloras Angie Heatwole, Brand New Girlfriend, Dr. Troy Garret, Patron, Shawn Sease

Dave & Dorothy Ciak

YD Ben Williams Miniflora Trophy
  6: 1 HT or GF Queen: Gemini
Mrs. Louise Coleman
    King: Moonstone
Mrs. Louise Coleman
    Princess: Signature
Mrs. Louise Coleman


  7: 1 open HT / GF About Face
Bruce Monroe
  8: 1 Floribunda Hannah Gordon
Bruce Monroe
  9:  1 FL spray Hannah Gordon  

Mr & Mrs H. Stephen Rogers


  10: 1 Polyan. spray Verdun
Craig Dorschel
  11: 1 climber  no winner    
  12: 1 classic shrub Cape Diamond  

Steve & Cathy Wieder


  13: 1 mod shrub Lady Elsie May  

Bruce Monroe


  14: Dowager Queen no entry    
  15: Victorian Abigail Adams
Andy & Susie Vanable
  16: 1 Mini Queen: Giggles
Mr & Mrs H. Stephen Rogers
    King: Irresistible

Craig Dorschel


    Princess: Soroptomist International
Mr & Mrs H. Stephen Rogers


  17: 1 Mini spray Chelsea Belle

Mr & Mrs H. Stephen Rogers


  18: 1 Miniflora Queen:  Double Take

Dave & Dorothy Ciak


    King: Baldo Villegas
Dave & Dorothy Ciak


    Princess: First Choice
Dave & Dorothy Ciak


  19: 1 Miniflora spray no entry    
  20: 1 open Mini / Mflora Denver's Dream (Mini)

Mr & Mrs H. Stephen Rogers


  21: Rose Bowl, large Earth Song

Andy & Susie Vanable
  22: Rose bowl, mini no winner    
  23: Rose bowl, miniflora Autumn Splendor
Craig Dorschel
  24: Eng Box, large Signature, St. Patrick

Mrs. Louise Coleman

  25: Eng Box, mini no entry    
  26: Judges Chattooga
Dave Candler
  Best of Show Hannah Gordon (Spray)
Mr & Mrs H. Stephen Rogers


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